About Us

Brightex Paints (Singapore) Pte Ltd began operating with just four staffs from a small factory at Bedok since 1980. We have since expanded and grown our business to become an established paints manufacturer and provider in South-East Asia and other countries such as Bangladesh and Maldives etc.

From the early days of manufacturing wood finishing products for the local market, we have succeeded in developing diversified products and expand our business. As the world advances towards globalization, we are also expanding our business across boundaries. Today, we had a wide range of products for applications in furniture, industrial, marine, automotive industries.

Throughout the years, we have held fast to our guiding ideology of striving for the highest quality of services and products. And this has further cements our confidence to continue our development and improvement of products.

We are confident that Brightex Paints will satisfy the ever-updating and ever-changing demands of our clients.

Our Commitment

At Brightex Paints, we are dedicated to a firm vision – to provide the best service and top quality products to our valued customers. We believe that with our committed and dedicated team, we will continue to develop and improve our products to meet the changing demands of our customers.